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Labradorite bracelet

Labradorite bracelet

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This stretch bracelet is made with Labradorite, a gemstone famous for its holographic-like effervescence known as the Schiller effect. Just tilt the stones at various angles to catch the flashes of color, reminiscent of the aurora borealis. 

The higher the grade the clearer the stone and the more prominent the effect. These Labradorite beads are grade AAA.

Labradorite is believed to enhance mental clarity, calm anxious runaway thoughts, while also igniting creativity and the imagination. It's valued by those who tend to overwork for its revitalizing properties. 

Part of Dean's personal collection (@alexisanddean on TikTok).  He says, “I wear it because it’s great for business."

How do I find my size?

Wrap a thin strip of paper or string around your wrist. Measure the string or strip with a ruler to find your wrist size, then select the size that most closely matches.

For a just-right fit, we recommend you wrap the paper/string snugly around your wrist. Alternatively, use a measuring tape if you have one. 

Do note that all bracelet sizes are approximate, due to actual bead diameters, widths of spacers and any other embellishments.

Contact us if you need help with sizing.

Care tip for stretch bracelets

Stretch cords may wear out and snap over time or if pulled excessively. We recommend gently rolling them on and off your wrist to wear and remove.

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Gemstones are naturally-occurring materials, so beads cut from them often carry 'imperfections' (called inclusions) and variations that enhance their beauty and make each bead--and the bracelets they're made with--unique.

No two bracelets are exactly alike, but they are all made with the same care and quality materials. Slight texture and color differences in no way indicate a defective or inferior item.